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Car accidents kill almost 1.3 million Americans every year. That’s about 3,200 every day. Survivors of car accidents, whether the accidents were serious or minor, will often have some healing to do.

Victims of minor car accidents will most often experience tingling sensations along their back and arms, depending on where the most force was applied. There will be weakness and stiffness of the muscles as well. Sensations of shooting pain going up and down the arms or legs are also typical.

Personal injury lawyers experience claims involving many common kinds of injuries after an auto accident such as:

  • Concussions
  • Back injuries
  • Herniated disks
  • Whiplash

It’s always advisable to see a doctor if there is pain or discomfort of any kind after an auto accident. A primary care doctor will almost always recommend the help of a physical therapist to help a patient recover from injuries. This step is especially important to do before returning to the gym. Even though minor discomfort or soreness after an accident might seem normal, you could exacerbate a problem while doing your usual routine at the gym and end up seriously injured. During a consultation with a physical therapist, he or she might suggest stretching exercises to relieve pain and increase the range of movement in the affected area or areas. Stretching exercises can also help a great deal to speed up the healing process in surrounding tissues. So be sure to listen to the advice given to ensure safe workout practices at the gym.

The most common kinds of injuries after an auto accident are from the rear. There can be tenderness, soreness and tingling sensations in the lower back area after such an accident. There can also be a significant lack of flexibility in the lower back area. It’s important to take care when walking. Making quick, sudden and jerky movements can worsen the condition, so you might have to adjust your workout routine so as not to include these kinds of movements.

Common Stretching Exercises for Injury Rehab

Head Nod

A typical exercise that is performed for neck injuries is the head nod. It’s done while lying down on your back and looking up at the ceiling. The idea is to slowly tuck the chin into the chest and hold for about five seconds before returning the head to the former position. This should be repeated ten times.

Head Rotation

Another stretching exercise that can be done while in the same position is the head rotation. The head is turned from side to side while maintaining focus on surroundings. The goal of each head turn is to see the wall in line with the shoulder during each complete turn.

As you likely already know, it’s important to listen to the body while doing any stretching exercises. Although there might be some discomfort with exercise, it should not be painful. If the pain gets worse, then this is usually a sign to stop and rest for a while, this is not one of those times when pain is simply a part of the exercise routine. After an injury, you don’t want to overwork yourself or else you’ll significantly slow down the healing process. If the condition worsens, further medical attention is advisable. For more healthy living tips, check out our blog!

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