17 Jan

Do you find that your ambition to work out fades away after the first week or two of the new year? It’s completely understandable if it does. Between the colder weather, work, social, and other obligations, it can seem easy to just put off exercise completely and wait for the new year. However, that’s really not in your best interest. This is how to make and keep your fitness goals through the resolution slump and well into this new year.

Don’t Compromise on Your Workouts

Exercise isn’t something that you do up to a certain point on a sporadic basis. It needs to be done on a regular basis, especially when you don’t feel like it. When you feel yourself coming up with reasons for why you can’t exercise on a certain day, that’s when you need to snap out of it and head to the gym. Once you’ve actually started your workout you might not be convinced yet, but you will feel better by the end of your workout.

Reward Yourself

One of the best ways we can motivate ourselves is by giving ourselves rewards. The point of rewards is to encourage good behavior. However, the rewards themselves need to be positive. For instance, you don’t want to reward yourself for a workout by eating a bunch of unhealthy food. This article reinforces that you shouldn’t reward your workout efforts with food, since that can quickly negate your hard work. Instead it’s recommended you set up weekly goals like $5 in a jar for the future, a new song download, go out and see a movie, or a nice bath with all the fixings. You can increase your rewards for monthly and so on with appropriately sized gifts.

Get a Health Buddy

Staying focused on exercise is all about holding yourself accountable. This is much easier to do when we have someone else who’s trying to achieve the same goals we are. This is why you should get a health buddy and keep track of your and your partner’s health progress. You can agree on a regular gym schedule and the penalties for missing out, such as the person who cancels owing money or a favor. This article recommends to find someone to exercise with, or ask your spouse to help keep tempting foods out of the house. Most people find it easier to keep their resolutions and goals if they have someone to help hold them accountable.

Work Out at Home

It’s understandable if you have trouble getting to the gym after the new year begins. It’s always tempting to make big goals when you’re on holiday or vacation, but when you get back into the rhythm of life you might be surprised how hard it is to keep. Between work, inclement weather and cold weather that makes you want to stay inside, chores, errands, and more, you might be feeling exhausted at the idea of even leaving your house at the end of the day. However, you can still work out from home. To combat this some people prefer to work out in the mornings, it may be hard at first, but there’s research that says it boosts your overall energy throughout the day! If you want to work out from home, look for some equipment-free workouts you can do from the comfort of your bedroom or living room.

Every chance that you get to exercise is worth taking advantage of. You need to make sure that you’re holding yourself accountable and remembering just how much you have to look forward to as a result of your discipline. Each step you make on your journey is a step forward.

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